Nobody does it like Branson – Keene’s campaign of the month (#CampaignOTM)

With a New Year and a new venture, Richard Branson has started 2012 by re-branding all Northern Rock banks to Virgin Money which he plans to have finished by September. This year at Keene, we will be looking out for campaigns with the wow factor and sharing them with you on a monthly basis. With 26 years of experience under our belts, we believe we know a good campaign when we see one!

Richard Branson has created a buzz around the launch of his new Virgin Money brand by celebrating Virgin’s success to date. So who was invited and what got everyone talking about the event?

Branson kicked off the launch by swinging a champagne bottle at the building, which appeared to shatter the 270 degree  projection immersed on the building – at which point everyone was curious to find out what he was going to do next. The projection featured a three minute film celebrating Virgin’s 40  year history and embracing Branson’s slogan for Virgin Money – 40 years Better Now in a bank. We were impressed to discover that Richard not only invited his key contacts but also his twitter followers and Facebook fans to the launch party – a nice personal touch from Branson, just disappointed we didn’t find out in time to go along.

The launch party has been supported by a television advertising campaign, which continues to celebrate Virgin’s success to date. Well do you think Branson can make banking better? Watch this space.

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