Integrated Campaigns are Effective Campaigns. And Win Awards Too

For communications programmes to be truly effective, they need to incorporate a variety of disciplines and tools. (We at Keene call this approach intelligent communications). Effective programmes usually win awards too, which is what happened last night at the Travel Marketing Awards when our client, Tourism NT, won first prize in the ‘Best Radio Campaign’ category for its ‘KISS Big Outback Adventure’ campaign. This is the fourth award that the campaign has won, which included two ‘gongs’ at the British Youth Travel Awards.

Consider all the elements involved in this campaign. At the heart of it was a promotion, which ran on Kiss FM’s highly popular Drivetime show. The promotion centred around a competition, whose winner got a chance to travel around the Northern Territory (NT) using various social media platforms to communicate their experiences. PR was used to promote the campaign too.

To come in first place, our client’s campaign had to see off campaigns submitted by the Dubai’s Department of Tourism and the Aruba Tourism Authority so they faced some stiff opposition. But what impressed the judges was the 33% increase in awareness about the NT that the radio station measured amongst its 1.8million audience and the fact that its listeners subsequently ranked Australia as their number one long haul destination.

So advertising + sales promotion + pr + social media marketing = attitudinal change.

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