Lobbying must be ethical and transparent

Keene’s track record of delivering creative, cost-effective and targeted public affairs campaigns has always been built on a foundation of ethics and transparency. That’s why we’ve always adhered to a code of conduct and publish a list of our clients and public affairs staff every quarter through our membership of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC).

This approach to public affairs formed to basis of Keene’s response to the Government’s consultation to create a Statutory Register of Lobbyists, which closed on Friday. The Government set out its plans to create a register in the Coalition Agreement, arguing that it was necessary to ensure that the democratic process remains open and transparent. To this end, the Government suggested that all consultancies, such as Keene, should join a register and publish details of their staff and clients.

In our submission, we reiterated our full support for the Government’s goal of increasing openness and transparency in the democratic process, and were happy to note that Keene already voluntarily publishes all the information that the proposed register might include.

Indeed, we went further and argued that in order to really ensure that public affairs is conducted in an ethical and transparent fashion, any register should be accompanied by a code of conduct, similar to the one we follow now. We also argued that all organisations that lobby the Government – not just consultancies – should be included. Only in this way can the public to have faith that the register is comprehensive, open and transparent.

Read Keene’s submission to the consultation here.

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