The Artery Appeal – Keene’s Campaign of the month

Campaigners stripped down for a blood donor appeal ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. We thought this was a great marketing stunt from the National Health Service (NHS) to encourage people to give blood ahead.  To make an impact and raise awareness the NHS  had eight people walking  through London and standing at  St  Pancreas International  station dressed up in skin-coloured  costumes of the inside of the human body, with arteries and veins on display.

The NHS is hoping to raise stocks by 30% above normal levels to meet the increased demand expected from the influx of visitors. The timing of the campaign was critical  as blood decomposes very quickly, with red blood cells and plasma lasting , just 35 and 37 days respectively .

Britons with O positive and O negative blood types are particularly in demand, with additional appointments being created and some facilities extending opening hours to give donors more flexibility. First- time donors are also being encouraged to give blood to cope with demand.

The campaign was featured as a picture story in the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Birmingham Mail and Yahoo News  generating further awareness of the appeal.


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