UK remains #1 for tourism to the Falkland Islands

The UK dominated as the key generating market for tourism in 2011 according to new data released by the Falkland Islands Tourist Board (FITB). Last year land-based tourism from the UK was up 5% to a total of 4,164 arrivals (this figure does not include cruise arrivals).

This is a trend that’s set to continue. The destination is expecting almost a 20% boost in UK visitors in 2012, totalling almost 5,000 arrivals to this wildlife haven in the South Atlantic. This rise will be partly attributed to the 30th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. The arrival of oil workers in the Falklands continues to grow and is assisting to drive the upward trend of arrivals.

“These figures are really encouraging and confirm Brits’ love affair with discovering unspoilt destinations that offer something that little bit different where nature reigns supreme” commented a spokesperson for the tourist board.

Overall, total tourist arrivals to the Falkland Islands in 2012 are expected to increase by 12% to 57,000, spending around £7million. This figure includes cruise passengers, overnight visitors and domestic tourists. Of this figure, 35,000 are expected to arrival via cruise ships and expedition vessels, whilst 7,430 overnight tourists are anticipated.

These figures dovetail the uplift in tourism to South America which enjoyed the second highest regional growth rate worldwide, up 10.1% in 2011.

FITB has recently launched its first even destination iApp and is about to re-launch its consumer website

Statistics are taken from the Falklands Forecast produced by Acorn Tourism Consulting Ltd.

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