May’s Travel Trends…

Here’s our pick of the travel trends for the month of May:

1)     The number of visits abroad by UK residents increased 1% year-on-year during the 12 months to end- March from 55.6m to 56m according to the Office of National Statistics.  Visits to Europe increased by 2% to 43.5m while visits to other parts of the world decreased by 3% to 9m

2)     86% of overseas and 91% of domestic travel transactions are now ‘digitally influenced’ according to travel expert from Deloitte. Around 15% of travellers going abroad are using online travel agents’ websites as part of their research before purchasing; 13% use package holiday websites; and 13%  price comparison websites

3)     74% of people surveyed would fly long haul (four hours plus) with a low-cost carrier according to research carried out by Skyscanner. 48% would forfeit their personal space and endure limited legroom for anything up to nine hours in order to reach their destination, while 30% would travel with a budget airline for 10 hours

4)     UK holidaymakers are ‘rate-watching’ and choosing destinations that offer good value against sterling according to the Holiday Money Report from Post Office Travel money. The report revealed that 80% of currencies are weaker against the sterling than they were a year ago

5)     Two percent of the population (1.2m people) are expected to flee the UK over the Jubilee weekend according to research by Visit Britain


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