Don’t overlook traditional media; it still works

The digital vs traditional media debate is becoming as dichotomous as Snowball’s argument that “Four legs good, two legs bad” in George Orwell’s acclaimed novel, ‘Animal Farm’. The reality is that although digital is superseding traditional media in just about every sector, traditional media is still highly cost effective and can still deliver remarkable results.

Radio represents one of the most traditional of all media. But it can still punch above its weight. We used it to great effect when our client, Julian Morris, the Chief Executive for Economic Development on the Island of St Helena visited London earlier this month. He was in the UK to help raise the island’s profile both as a tourist destination and a place to invest in. With its new airport due to open in less than four years’ time, the Island’s Government is keen to start marketing the Island more aggressively on an international basis.

Over the course of a day, Julian took part in twelve radio interviews, including a 7 minute slot on Radio 4’s highly sought after ‘Today’ programme. Other national stations involved included ‘BBC World Service’ and ‘BBC 5 Live’. By the end of the day, Julian had been ‘on air’ for a total of 84 minutes and had reached over 11% of the UK’s population, or 6million listeners. The total media value equated to over £100,000 and five of our six key messages had been included in every interview.

Naturally, these interviews also represent ‘rich content’. They’ll live on as we make them available to download from other sources, including multiple websites. In fact the message ‘jumped’ onto another  media category as BBC Online used the interviews as the basis for a news piece on their site.

In the headlong rush to embrace social media, its easy to overlook traditional media. But that would be a mistake (Just ask Snowball).

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