WTM. The Travel Industry’s very own Olympics

28,000 visitors and 2,600 press visiting 5,000 stands occupying 42,000 square meters of selling space. And nearly 15,000 exhibiting staff deperate to catch their eye! Next month’s World Travel Market is the Olympic Games for the global travel industry.

Like the Olympics, only a small minority will win a medal. For the vast majority, WTM will represent a major missed opportunity. Despite months of hard work, WTM participants at their post event review meetings will relunctantly agree that their performance fell short.

But that is where the similarities between the Olympics and WTM end. Because Olympic athletes practice whilst WTM exhibition stand staff (on the whole) don’t.

That’s why Keene has created a one-day WTM Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is a one day training session held on the client’s premises with all their WTM exhibition stand team.

During the day, Keene’s trainers will take the team through their paces. They’ll practice (and practice again) their sales and networking skills. Such as how to open conversations with stand visitors that you want to talk to and practice closing conversations more quickly with those you don’t.

Through a mix of highly interactive training sessions, the trainers will help the teams to focus their attention on what constitutes success.

Keene’s MD, Simon Quarendon, is running the Boot Camps in conjunction with veteran management development consultant, Russell Soden. Both have significant experience of exhibitions and both firmly believe that only marginal improvements in performance are needed to have dramatic effects on exhibition ROI.

Russell says, “Most WTM exhibition stand teams know what is expected of them, but need help to make it happen. The Boot Camp fee is a small cost when compared to the total investment being made by exhibitors in WTM but it will deliver one of the best returns”.

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