Technology in the Travel Industry; the pace quickens

Last month’s Travel Technology Europe event showed not just how much technology has been adopted by the travel industry, but how that rate of adoption is speeding up. Our digital PR consultant, Michael White, went along to the show to see for himself. Here are some of the key learnings that he took away.

The exhibition included conferences and seminars during the day and whilst these were based around tourism, the actual social media elements could be applied to a range of different industries.

Guardian Technology Editor, Charles Author’s keynote speech set the context for the day’s discussions. Entitled, ‘Google: Organising the world’, he showed that Google has the travel industry clearly in its sights, witness its takeovers of travel services ITA, Zagat and Frommer’s.

He highlighted the importance of keeping Google on the agenda, particularly offering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services alongside online content creation. Climbing Google’s search results is an affair which will happen organically but targeting campaigns against certain keywords can pay dividends when it comes to building influential online audiences.

A seminar on SEO at the exhibition further emphasised to us how incredibly important SEO is, especially when managing online reputations.

Out of all the seminars at Travel Technology Europe, our favourite was learning how to communicate with bloggers. As an agency we already enjoy close relationships with a number of travel bloggers and we are always willing to hear advice from others as to how to further build on these.

We believe that we now offer our clients a wide range of social media and digital services; but we can’t afford to stand still. Attending the Travel Technology Europe event is just one way that we’re keeping our ear to the ground, our finger on the pulse and our eye on the tablet.


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