An Island Girl in London

A guest blog post by Kerisha Stevens, the public relations officer for the St Helena Government, who has spent two days at Keene as part of a placement programme under the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee fund

London the city of dreams…and what a dream it has been, the experience so far has been unreal. To come from an Island in the middle of nowhere inhabited by just over 4000 people and to step into London where I’ve seen more people on Oxford Street in an hour then I’ve seen on the Island all year is an experience in itself.

I came here dreading having to speak in my St Helena lingo, dreading the cold weather and dreading being alone in a big city where I do not know everyone by face and who do not say hello when you pass by on the street. But the one thing I dreaded the most and hadn’t prepared myself enough for was the speed of everything! In the three weeks since I have been here my walking speed has increased to almost a run – on St Helena the bus driver will wait for you, in London no such luck! When I return to St Helena it will seem so quiet and laid back in comparison to London where it’s just go, go, go!

For an Island girl at heart it’s so hard to leave home and to leave those you love behind even if it’s only for a few weeks, but I came to London with the purpose to learn and gain knowledge of how Press and PR work is done on a much larger scale – so far I have no regrets.

My two days at Keene especially has been a worthwhile and valuable experience. I’ve been kept very busy by the team and enjoyed my time here. I will go away with more confidence thanks to Simon’s presentation training, more social media minded thanks to Michael, and with more insight into what working for a PR agency is all about, thanks to Lara. In just two days I have noticed the difference in working for a PR agency and working for Government and I have to admit the idea of having a range of different clients all with different goals does have a certain appeal – who knows maybe one day I can work for Keene but only if they relocate to St Helena!

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