Let’s hear it for the apostrophe; it needs our help

Keene opened its doors over a quarter of century ago and has consistently striven to build a reputation based around objectivity. Closely involved in the political world throughout that time, as an agency we have remained strictly apolitical. However where we feel an issue needs our support, we will campaign with zeal. We think that the apostrophe now needs our support.

We condemn the recent attempts by the Mid Devon District Council to banish apostrophes from their road signs on the basis that it would “avoid potential confusion”.

As professional communicators, we pride ourselves on producing copy that is both clearly written and persuasive. Since 1985, we’ve written millions of words. We write emails on a daily basis (We started out writing letters then faxes). We regularly write articles, press releases, speeches and presentations. On behalf of our clients, we’ve contributed to Government Consultations. We have written copy for brochures and advertisements. We’re now writing blogs and tweets. And we always use apostrophes.

We recognise that the English language continues to evolve (We’re acutely aware, for instance, that the previous sentence began with a conjunction). But banning apostrophes is a step too far.

It is Keene’s view (or Keenes view if the Mid Devon CC had its way) that the apostrophe fulfils a vital role and must be defended at all costs. We agree with The Times that: “The apostrophe occupies a small space in print or on signs but performs an invaluable role by its presence, position or absence’.

Keene’s clients can rest assured that we will continue to use it.

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