Stay authentic if you want to engage wiv yoof

With the youth market valued at an estimated 15 billion pounds, much of which is spent on travel, it’s no surprise that we at Keene closely follow this important market segment on behalf of our clients. So we dispatched one of PR consultants,  Lara  Jacobs, to attend  the Youth Marketing Strategy, which took place last week at LSO St Luke’s.

The event featured several key note speakers, including Alastair Coterrill Creative Strategist from Facebook  talking about ‘The Truth about Youth and Social Media’ to Generation Y expert Joeri Van Den Bergh presenting on ‘Understanding the very latest trends that will impact your youth marketing for 2013.”

Lara was so impressed by Joeri’s presentation that she even bought his book ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’.

Here are some of the top insights that she took away from the conference:

  • 60% of Generation Y are constantly checking their handsets with 70% believing that apps are really important.
  • 66% of Generation Y feel suffocated by online advertising and are blocking adverts.
  • 77% of young people will try a new product or service if it has been recommended by family or friends.

So what can marketers do to ensure that they continue to engage with this important – yet some might say fickle –  market? Here are some of Lara’s thoughts:

  • Stay authentic – it’s about staying true to your identity.
  • Don’t be loud. Be relevant
  • Don’t use negative emotions

As if we would!

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