Keene publishes White Paper ‘All PR is Online’

Professor David Phillips FCIPR and Philip Young have published through Keene Communications an abstract of their, as yet unpublished, new book as a White Paper. ‘All PR is Online’ is based on their forthcoming third edition of Online Public Relations, due to be published by Kogan Page later this year. You can download a copy of the White Paper here.

The authors emphasis how once, public relations dealt with known processes but today, they point out, “the process of building relationships with organisations’ constituents is anything but a known process”.

They make the point that the digital revolution has made it a necessity for PR agencies to adopt big data, the semantic web and the internet of things. All phrases that would not have been associated with the PR industry until now, but concepts that we must embrace if we are to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that are emerging.

We at Keene Communications are grateful to the authors for providing us with this abstract to publish, but more importantly, for allowing us to tap into the insights of two of the leading academics in their field.

We do hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on the paper; we will share the best on our blog!

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