Falkirk struggle points to trouble for Miliband

David Cameron took full advantage of the growing controversy surrounding the Falkirk by-election Labour candidates at PMQs today, taking every opportunity to goad Miliband on the issue. Portraying Labour as being in the pocket of the unions is an easy but effective criticism for the Conservative Party to make.

Not only does it paint an unpopular image of Labour that is reminiscent of a left wing party stuck in opposition under Thatcher, but it also reminds voters that the Labour leader owes his position to the support of trades unions.

Labour’s week had already got off to a tough start after updated ONS growth figures showed that the previously estimated double-dip recession in the first quarter of 2012 never happened. Further to this, it has been revealed that the 2008 recession was deeper than first estimated, with a decline of 7.2%, revised up from the earlier figure of 6.3%.

The announcement takes ammunition away from the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, who had frequently claimed he accurately predicted the Government’s plans would cause a double dip.


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