Conversation Prism 2013: digital is growing fast

Ever since Brian Solis developed the Conversation Prism in 2008 it has been fascinating to see how the social landscape is changing. From the newly released Conversation Prism 2013 one thing is for certain; digital communication tools are changing quickly. One of the biggest revelations of the latest infographic is that over the past year, roughly 2 social media sites have been removed each week. Other big changes include the addition of 111 sites and 5 new categories.

Without a doubt one of the biggest growth areas in social media has been in video. This year we have seen the rapid adoption of both Vine and Instagram Video (both, unusually, not included in the latest infographic). Last year’s Conversation Prism included 8 video sites and the latest version shows a jump to 13 sites! The message is clear; it’s time to stop being camera shy.

From the most dominating and promising social networks, the Conversation Prism provides a stark wakeup call that social media is MUCH bigger than just Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I’m a member of about 50 of the listed social networks and, over the next few weeks, I’ll be trying a lot more of the sites out! Now, who is ready for a spot of dogster?

Conversation Prism 2013

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