Bring on the data scientists!

When it comes to social media monitoring tools there are a number of players, none more innovative than Brandwatch. One of the few players who understand that data doesn’t have to be complicated and it can also be beautiful! A couple of days ago I attended their client event in London, at the luxurious Soho Hotel, London.

Highlights of the afternoon:


  • Clarabridge – looking at intelligent customer experiences
  • Dell – becoming a social business
  • A lesson on identifying social media influencers
  • Looking at the future of business and how it is most certainly social

One overall takeaway from the event was clear. At the moment the PR industry is full of creative types but what we need more of is data scientists. If we really are creating 2,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data each day (according to Clarabridge) then we need more robust social media analysis systems to be in place. Measurement tools help, but real industry-specific analysis can only be achieved by skilled staff.

The technological advancements taking place in the social media space are significant. Therefore, developments of measurement platforms are key for driving the PR industry forward. Events such as Brandwatch’s demonstrated to me that clients will demand an ever higher standard of service.

PS. This blog post roughly added an additional 30,000 bytes to the digital conversation.   

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