Keene launches eBook showing you ‘How to have Great Conversations with Strangers at Exhibitions’

Exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity to see one of life’s many paradoxes at first hand. As children, we’re rightly told not to talk to strangers. It’s not surprising then, that as adults we can find it difficult to engage with total strangers at exhibitions. This is one of the key skills needed by exhibitor’s sales teams – the ability to stop complete strangers and engage with them as the prelude to inviting them onto the stand.

One of our Associates, Richard John, has studied this topic in some detail and included it in several lectures (Among the many hats he wears, Richard is Course Director for the Teaching Faculty at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, where he lectures on all aspects of exhibitions, event strategy and marketing). He’s  now produced an eBook on the subject, entitled ’How to have Great Conversations with Strangers at Exhibitions’ and was kind enough to allow us to make the book’s contents available to delegates attending a training programme that Keene is currently delivering to the European Salesforce of a global software company.

The aim of this eBook is to quite simply show you have to have great conversations at exhibitions. It will give you some new ideas about what you need to do to prepare your company and give you an advantage over your competitors. It is the first eBook of the newly launched ‘Keene Insights Series’.

You can read the eBook below or download here (A4 version here).

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