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The youth market is too big to ignore and it’s getting bigger!  It’s a lucrative market worth over £10 billion pounds to the UK economy per year with an average student spending over £5,000 a year.  After food and rent, the majority of their money is spent on ‘out of home’ entertainment followed by travel and clothes.

But the youth market has its own special characteristics which makes it both challenging and fun to work with.  We rose to the challenge for one of our clients – Tourism NT. With 34% of visitors to Australia’s Northern Territory aged between 15- 29 years old, the youth market remains a key target audience for the destination. We identified and secured leading youth marketing company StudentBeans to help Tourism Northern Territory engage with this audience in an entertaining, informative and inspiring way. Together we devised a campaign centred around content, developing a competition to give one lucky winner the opportunity to win a trip to Australia’s Outback and share their experiences.

However we were not just looking for a winner but a blogger, someone that was social media savvy.  To narrow down the entrants (not an easy task with over 4,000 students registering) and help us find our ambassador, students had to impress us with their social media capabilities.

Enter Charlotte Huckle. Our winner (Lottie) – armed with an iPad – has just returned from the Northern Territory and loved it.  In her first blog she describes her feelings on arrival in Alice Springs when she says:  “When I touched down in Alice I was invigorated. It really felt like I had arrived in Oz. The ground was red, trees white and grass blue. I was so excited by the sheer ‘outbackness’ of it all.”

Enter Charlotte Huckle

Lottie’s passion for the destination is genuine and infectious, hopefully inspiring other students and young people to follow suit and ‘go walkabout’. She has proved to be a powerful ‘voice’ for the destination, engaging with this audience in a way that resonates with them and in ‘real’ time. Switching on to the growing youth market and partnering with  StudentBeans – with its 500,000 members – proved the right social strategy. We’re now watching to see how much of their £5k annual income they will spend in the Australian outback!

Read Lottie’s adventures on her blog, Lottie’s Little Kitchen and on twitter, @LDHucks via the #NTAustralia hash tag .

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