Keene helps SMEs ‘Go and Grow’ in the US

Whilst the BRICS and MINTS may dominate the headlines, the UK’s largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) remains the US, and no wonder. With both Governments stipulating that up to 25% of public sector procurement must be allocated to SMEs, with shared high levels of adoption regarding innovation and a widespread tolerance of marketing, it’s no wonder that UK SMEs still look West rather than East.

But the devil is in the detail, which is why the UK Trade & Investment recently sponsored an event aimed at SMEs who were looking in that direction. Entitled ‘Go and Grow’, the event, which took place earlier this week, was hosted by accounting consultants, Frank Hirth. The firm, which specialises in expatriate tax compliance, was joined on the speaker panel by, among others, including Keene’s MD, Simon Quarendon. Simon’s presentation outlined the similarities and differences that characterise the two countries and which marketers need to consider when developing their US marketing plans.

You can download Simon’s presentation here.

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