Google+ introduces total views metric

Google+ introduces total views metric

Google+ is notorious for being one of the social networks which is the most difficult to measure. Google just doesn’t provide a measurement dashboard in the same way that Facebook does. Cynics would say this because Google don’t want us to know how small their network is in comparison to other social networks. Personally I think Google is simply developing their platform gradually and haven’t yet worked out a measurement dashboard yet. Although there is a small feature which willallow you to get basic Google Analytic stats for your page if it’s connected to a website.

Yesterday evening Google+ introduced a “total views” stat to Google+ pages and accounts. From what I can see I do not think these are unique views and it’s only a top-line number. It isn’t broken down individually for each post yet (which is frustrating) and counts from October 2012. What is important to note: it looks like Google+ have ditched their +1 number stat in favour of the total views metric.

This would make a lot of sense. Early last year many digital agencies reported that the Google+ pages they managed on behalf of clients had seen a dramatic reduction in +1s. Only last week did we at Keene detect another drop of +1s across the network. To remove this stat altogether is a step in the right direction for Google+.

Let’s hope that Google continue to enhance the measurement capabilities of Google+.

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