Two plus Two Equals Fifty Eight: Keene and AGO join forces to offer clients strength and depth

Two plus Two Equals Fifty Eight: Keene and AGO join forces to offer clients strength and depth

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with Adrian Graves Organisation ( ) and have brought our two practices together. The move will allow our clients to better exploit our combined fifty eight years of consulting experience and will give them access to a broader range of services and deeper sector expertise.

AGO was founded in 1980 by its principal Adrian Graves and is best known for its cross practice work in specialist industry sectors such as transportation, freight, automotive, defence, security, engineering and technology.

Adrian joins Keene as a Senior Consultant and will now help us to grow our UK, European and international portfolio as well as provide support to our existing clients.

Adrian will continue to advise selected private clients and work on more specialist assignments through his AGO practice.

Adrian Graves says, ”This alliance has exactly the right strategic fit for both of us going forward – and makes a compelling business case for a whole range of reasons.  It is the right time to move the AGO brand in another direction and our plans with Keene will provide important client benefits.

For me, the future of the AGO practice has always been more about growing professional capability, best quality advice and delivering added value and I am looking forward to fusing fresh, new ideas and latest industry capabilities with our combined in-depth specialist sector knowledge and experience.”

Keene Communications Chairman, Simon Quarendon says, “Clients rightly put a premium on working with agencies that can offer them both strength and depth and this is exactly what this new move is designed to give them. Adrian’s wealth of experience exactly complements our own”.

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